If you think you're helping anyone/thing by buying 'vegan leather' - I urge you to think again. Guyssss!!! Hey hey hey! It's pretty much just plastic (wow, crazy, omg!) and it will deteriorate and end up in your bin a fuck load quicker than the leather docs you bought 10 years ago that you still wear. Faux furs, faux leathers; they are just fucking plastic moulded into a new shape/trend and sold to you with the 'ethical' price tag. Wake up! It's all fucking bullshit.
In saying this, there are some companies using sustainable fabrics and creating some really innovative leather alternatives, but next time you go to buy a 'vegan' alternative check the tags, check where it is made. Most of the time it will be made in worse environmental circumstances than leather would be. Always shop with open eyes and mind <3
What the Heck is Vegan Leather?
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