So, I'm sure by now you have overheard some crazed hipster sipping coffee next to you raving about their new love for their 'vegan leather' boots from some ridiculously overpriced fashion store. Now, before I continue, I am all for the rise in consciousness when it comes to how people purchase goods. It's awesome to see so many people becoming very aware of the impact they are having on the environment but when I started hearing about this 'vegan leather' thing, it got me thinking. What the hell is 'vegan leather'? A synthetic leather that doesn't harm or torture an animal? Yes. But what could they possibly use that would be like leather, that is not leather? Oh wait, hold on. Something smells off. You mean imitation leather is now called VEGAN LEATHER?! Since I haven't set foot in a shopping centre or any store other than an opshop in years, the power of the internet bought 'vegan leather' to my immediate attention. In the time that I had been out of the shopping scene the genius marketing teams around the globe jumped on the all glorious vegan bandwagon and were now selling cheap PVC (plastic) 'leather' as FUCKING VEGAN LEATHER! PVC leather has been around for many years, being the cheaper and lower quality version of leather for producing fast fashion goods. This product is not new and what is worse is that it far worse for the environment than leather is. PVC doesn't break down. It will continue to exist on this planet when you have reached your peak and hit the pearly gates of heaven. Now, I do not condone the inhumane slaughter of animals. The leather industry is highly unregulated and a ticking time bomb to say the least. But what I am saying is - next time you walk into a store, do your research.
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