PSYKLZ ClubSport is inspired by the last 20 years of club, rave and dance culture in both Australia and overseas. Born on a dance floor somewhere in between here and the next realm, PSYKLZ ClubSport honours the cycle of past trends, present mood and future thought.

Made out of 95% recycled fabrics, and hand made in Australia, PSYKLZ aims to reduce the negative humanitarian and environmental effects that clothing production has on our Earth. PSYKLZ creates new, innovative and one-off items out of pre-existing garments that have the power to inform buyers/wearers that their purchase can make a difference on an global scale.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between urban street, club wear and recycled materials to encourage people to make an informed decision when purchasing clothing - without having to compromise on their personal style. Our clothing is alternative, individual and conscious. As well as offering one-off innovative garments for general sale, PSYKLZ also creates one-off costume and commissioned pieces for performers and artists both nationally and internationally.

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